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u cant just ask for sex randomly, out of the blues. get romantic and get in the mood for it. sex shouod always come naturally, and if the girl is shy, it should come extra naturally. dont make it seem like ur craving sex, just take it easy and get in the mood, be romantic and just make out and get intimate and BAM. lol anyways, if shes shy, then just go easy with her, just dont ask hee for sex cause she wont know what to say and there is a better possiblity that she will say no if she is a shy type of girl. DONT RUSH HER. comfort her. shy girlfriends usually lack self esteem, so let her be proud of herself, keep reminding her that shes beautiful and all that
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Shy Girls Are Sexy Now that you've already gone on dates number four and five, and are pretty sure you like this one, how do you help her break out of her shell and open up a tad? It certainly is possible, but remember that you're not trying to change anyone -- just attempting to let the wild animal that lives somewhere inside of her loose. Let's get right to this woman's shyness, as it will determine which method you'll use. Is she secretive when it comes to her personal life? Is she always quiet when you're out together? Is she only reserved and closed off when she's around others, especially people she doesn't know? Does she solely tense up when the two of you are in bed, or at least trying to get under the covers? Establish what makes your Shy Girlfriend so shy and what triggers her timid behavior. She could just be the type to open up gradually as she gets to know a person, or she may have been the one to stand in the corner. Did you know that many guys uses hidden cameras in a shoebox or uses nightshot while they have sex with their shy girlfriends to make their own amateur porn movies? -  Watch Shy Girls Turning in Shameless Sluts in Private >

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Should I break up with my shy girlfriend? Hey! so heres the deale.. I'm 19 and I've been dating my girlfriend for about a year now.. The thing is, she's STILL so shy around me..she don't want to fuck! I don't know what to do. I've talked to her about it and she said it's just how she is, but she acts so outgoing around her friends (and guy friends too). I guess the only reason I'm posting this here is to try to get a little bit of advice :/ I don't know what to do.. I really want to make amateur porn videos like other guys. I tell her she's beautiful all the time and I gave her a flower too. what else? I can't do this anymore.. Should I just break up with her?


My girlfriend is very shy, how do i bring up fucking her in the ass? my buddy Pier
just sent me an email: Hey Brandon dont even say anything that your gonna do it. just do it. girls hate it when you ask or suggest doing anything like that. Control the situation. remember the 90% 10%. If you go 90% of the way towards her to kiss her. she will come the other 10% to kiss you if she wants to any at all. so first kiss her and after that just fuck her in the ass. I know she is pretty shy so use a hidden camera and show me all later hehe. What should I do? Do i need to pay her or what ??


How have sex with shy girl? I WANA SEX MY SHY GF ....but she is shy girl ......and she fears ever.......i want to make her realx with me.....thn how....plz help me.....

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every girl become shy if she is doing sex first time.i think she is 1 of them. firstly you need good weather and conditions so that she become romantic. dont ask for sex directly.first ask for kiss.then get start. kiss her behind the neck.she would be encouraged with it. you can sex with her only then when she is happy for it or you cant. Drop the issue. You don't want be That Guy, who sort of tricked her into doing something she does not want. There are girls who already think the way you do. You can either change to that group of girls, or stick with this one and respect who she is and how she feels about intimacy.
First you need to make shure that she is ready. You cant just want it she has to want it too. Id say have a talk with her about it. If she agrees you need to take you time go slow and make her know you care about her. Thats the only advice i can give.. if she is ready she will relax with you. Don't forget to make some amateur porn movies!

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Is it ok for a shy guy to pay for sex? im a 27 year old guy and i havent had sex with a girl for past year and half. im fairly shy around girls..i guess most guys are. i try to talk to girls, but not very fruitful, just circumstance i guess. it is so hard to find a girl these days, especially when i feel horny (lets face im only human). i hav money but dont want to pay for sex, thats against my principals as a man, and if i do, i feel i will be less of a man...i will put myself down. ..paying for sex..thats the ultimate humiliation id put myself true. but on the other hand i cant get any sex either...its very hard being a guy..what yall suggest? very frustrating :-( I want to make an amateur video that shows me fucking like a hero, for my friends!!! the problem of amateur video is always poor camera angle lol
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Guide on Hiding a Video Camera like a Pro! Wanna spy on your shy girlfriend when she is naked? wanna make a video while you fuck? wanna know if she has been cheating?hiding a video camera should do the trick. To spy your shy girlfriend you could use: cellphones, a pinhole camera, web-cam, video camera, or surveillance system. (Anything with a camera on it!) Check the maximum recording time on the device, and make sure it's around the time you're looking for. Depending on how big it is, it may be harder to hide. Find where you're gonna be hiding it: It would be best to hide it in a not-so-obvious place where no one's likely to look. For example: Not very many normal people go looking in a plant/flower pot for a video camera all the time. Get creative with this! The hiding places are endless. Other common hiding places for spy cameras include: paintings, smoke detectors, clocks, lamps, dressers, shelves, ceilings, etc.
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My girlfriend is really shy during sex...extremely frustrating! She just lies there like a dead horse!? Where should i start, were 19 and this shy thing is really getting annoying. I know not every girl is going to dominate there guy but she does nothing but lie there like a dead horse. I can tell she's gettin off by her facial expressions and her moans but it's totally shit for me. I do all the work, she won't have sex with the light on and it must be under the covers! wtf!! how can I make a secret porn tape??...even though there is no one else in the house! I think she may be insecure about her body because she has huge breasts so naturally she has a little stomach do not going to lie first time we did it, i was a little insecure about taking my shirt off because i do have a little stomach but then i thought if theres one person in the world who i should feel comfortable around enough to strip down in front of it must be my girlfriend. another problem is that my cock have smell. A little. That makes girls shy or what? So after a while i got over it, she's still insecure though i keep saying to her look its not like im ripped with a 6 pack and you feel inadequate...we both have stomaches so we can't exactly be insecure right. But she's insecure, don't know what to do about that. Read about: Spy Cam, Spy, Spycam videos and then on top of that she makes us do it in pitch black so i can't see nothing at all...i can't see what im doing, then it's always under the covers even when i try and switch positions she just pulls the covers over us and its in pitch black as well! I don't know what to do! Don't advise i break up with her because i won't but its just really bad even when im on top she doesn't hold her legs up so its like a friggin work out every time im trying go in and out because i have to push her legs back each time. Then when i try to hold her legs back i can't because she always pulls the cover over us which makes it impossible. Don't know what to do, to get her to loosen up, i do all the work and she just lays there and does all!

well how long have u been together? if its not long then just give her time she will become less shy and more comfortable just make jokes about ur belly make her laugh about it if she sees ur comfortable about it she should calm down about it a little bit do a bit of forplay tell her she is sexy u love everything about her just help her feel comfortable
dont push her start little things at a time for example if she wants the light off turn the light off just put a lamp on instead dont make drastic differences just let her become comfortable in her own time. Use a night shot camera to make porn movies like this


How to ask your shy gf about sex? i really wanna have sex with my gf she,she loves me a lot and she is serious to,but when i ask her to even touch/see my personal part she denies. My friend tolds me: kiss her up and down, especially the bits she insecure about, after a while, she'll see that your happy with your choice. Reassure her about her body, compliment her loads. Be more dominating in the bed room, throw the covers on the floor, put her where you want her, whisper naughty things into her ear while nibbling it, turn her over (she'll be glad you did). She'll always be insecure, its a side effect of being female, all you can do is make her feel better in her own skin by showing her how much you love her, every bit of her! If she is too shy use a hidden camera to make porn while you fuck her. That will works great. You can see my own amatuer movies here

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Is my girlfriend a slut? I've been dating my GF for 2 months. At first she was very shy and I was crazy in love with her and would have done anything to make her happy. I thought she was perfect. She is sweet, caring, fun to hang out, we enjoy almost all the same activities. She cooks dinners for me, packs lunches for me, does the laundry and irons. She is pretty, sexy and doesn't seem to have any hangups. She has a good job as a designer and has always had jobs her entire life. She has a bachelors degree in Industrial Design so she can support herself. But then a few things happened that gave me 2nd thoughts about her. Now I don't know what to do, I still love her but I think it might be time to end the relationship. 1) After we were dating a couple months and already having sex, one day she told me we couldn't have sex cause she had herpes and it was acting up. I was really pissed and told her it was wrong of her not to tell me before we had sex and she had no right to decide for me if it was safe or not. She told me that she didn't think it was any big deal and she was surprised I was upset and that none of her previous bf's thought it was a big deal. I got tested and everything is negative, so I was relieved. 2) She told me in the past she had done "some" nude figure modeling at schools and colleges, I thought no big deal. Then one day I was surfing deviant art and did a search for her name and photos of her came up. The pics were more erotic than she lead me to believe, she was naked, legs spread with the words written on her body FUCK ME, needless to say I was upset and confronted her, she said it was art and not porn or slutty. I told her she needs to take down those pictures, and in my opinion the pics were slutty porn. I didn't want my friends, coworkers or family to see pictures of my shy gf like this, ever. 3) She uses my computer and leaves her email open. One day I was looking at her old emails. I found one old email from about a week before we met that she answered on craigslist to have sex for money, she replied with "no condom, no sex, period ~". I don't know if she met the guy or not and I never asked her about it. But it really pisses me off and I just want to dump her and now whenever she sends me an email with the ~ in it, it just makes my stomach turn. 4)She told me about many of the guys she dated before me and she told me she would always has sex with the guy sooner than later because she doesn't want to waste time with a guy if the the sex is bad. 5)She has a USB drive that she uses to back up the photos from her camera and she leaves that connected to computer or laying around the house. She told me to look at her pictures. She has 100's of nude pictures of herself on there taken by various photographers she said she found on craigslist. She seems very proud of her pictures and seems to want people to see her. As I was looking through her pictures and I saw an spread sheet file. I looked at that, it was just a list of websites and user various accounts she had, but there was a 2nd tab, that must have forgotten about. I clicked on that and it was account information, user login and password for an escort site. So I am like thinking, there can be only one reason she has that. I went to the site, but it doesn't exist anymore, its been gone for years. So I don't know if she was just thinking about being an escort or actually did it. 6) She is a very sexual person and what guy wouldn't be happy with this. But sometimes when we are having sex, she will bring out her vibrator, and she loves her vibrator, she always talks about it, and when we are driving around, she will even point out the shop where she got it. She always tells me how its the best vibrator she ever had. But when she brings it out, she basically pushes me aside, she won't even let me hold the vibrator, and she takes care of herself. It just makes me feel like crap. When she finishes she always comes back to me for more, because now she is really turned on, but by this time I really don't feel like doing anything. So my question is, is this girl normal or is she messed up? I really don't know what to do. She seems to love and care about me deeply. I would hate to end good relationship, but then the logical part of me, tells me that this girl will be trouble in the future or maybe she is so sociopath and is just using me for her own gains. should be the last person to judge someone else because goodness knows I'm pretty messed up myself and have a reputation for being pretty slutty. But wow, even I think she's being pretty slutty. Did you guys talk about previous experience and partners before getting together? I might be a big s!ut and I've been with more people than most girls, but I'd never forget to tell someone about a std. That's just so wrong it makes me mad just hearing about it. There's also a big difference in the level of slutiness between having a lot of hook ups and beign a professional escort or taking money for sex. The only times I've come close to that I've felt terrible about it. If she's so blase about it, then I think there's an issue here. 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