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Do you Sext? everybody is doing it!
Nude self & mirror shots: a new trend?
Girls Doing Nude Selfies?
While dirty talk has always existed, it isn’t until recently that people have had the ability to take explicit photographs and instantaneously release them into
the cyber world. With the rise of smart phones it was only a matter of time before girls started sending nudie photos to their sweethearts. This is Sexting.
Sexting Tip # 1 Start off slow, don’t go into the gruesome details right off the bat, work up to it so you can see what direction the conversation is headed. You don’t want to send a picture
of your genitals just because they said they are horny. Sexting can have foreplay too, remember that.Be honest. Think about what you really want to do them. What you would do to them if they were with you. You are going to be more enthusiastic describing something you really enjoy then something you don’t. Be descriptive. Go into detail, be specific, it is much more a turn on reading something you know they put time into, you know that they are really fantasizing about..
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Sexting Tip # 2 “I want you fuck me” is not nearly as hot as “I want you to bend
me over your bed, tease me with your hard cock and then fuck me til I scream.” Right? Go off of
what the other person says make it like a story. That way it is like you are talking about one
continuous sexual experience, rather than fragments of events It will flow easier, and always
give you something to work off of. So if she is telling you how badly she wants to taste you tell her
you want to grab her by the hair and fuck her little mouth. It doesn’t always need to align perfectly,
but some type of connection always gives you a certain direction to head. You can try with: 'send me
a dirty picture' (aka sexting pictures) change things up between what you want to do them, what
you want them to do to you and how you are hot you are feeling. It is boring to keep reading the
same kind of stuff just reworded. For example, talk about how badly you want to spank her for
being a bad girl, how you want her ride you and how hard you are. On that note, try to be
repetitive and say the same thing multiple times, be creative, use that dirty mind you have!
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Sexting Tip # 3 Check your sexting spelling and grammar, give it a once over before hitting send. I know it may sound silly, but seriously. It is a real turn off having to decipher what the other person is saying, and one little typo can break a mood. I mean it’s not sexy reading
“I want to piss your whole body head to toe.” If you choose to send a picture (and are a female),
don’t go for an entirely naked Self shot, leave something to the imagination. So instead of just having your boobs hanging out, have your hair cover them. Guys, there’s nothing you can really do here, but try to send something tasteful, instead of just an up close shot of your dick, that’s not nearly as sexy sexting as seeing your sexy body and a firm hand around it, got it?And for your own good, try not to
include your face, they may seem like a good person now, but you don’t want that kind of
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Sexting Tip # 4 When it comes time to end the conversation, end it with something sexy, rather then just saying peace. Tell them you need to go release some tension, or you need to go clean yourself up. Be creative, and don’t make the ending abrupt, because you wouldn’t do that in the bed room right? Overall, just think about sexting like an actual sexual experience, imagine you really are doing these things with this person. It will help guide you to what’s appropriate and what to say and when. And of course, as always, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want. If Sexting something makes you uncomfortable, or you don’t want to follow through with a request, you have every right to say no, you never have to, or should be pressured into something you don’t want. This is Sexting and is great :)

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What is sexting??? Sexting is sending photos that shows nudity through avenue of cell phone text. Sexually related photos are sent via cell phone instead of text words.


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I sent half-naked photos (sexting) of myself to boyfriend, how to stop it n him from wanting more?  I sent him naked photos of myself (pussy tits and ass) to my boyfriend half a year ago, and have sent him more continuously. I used to think it wasn't a big deal because he's going steady with me and he respects me when we're together alone. But things went worse when he kept demanding those photos continuously over time. He would plead me every day until I relent, and he would suggest a more explicit pose. He didn't get mad when I say no, but his constant wanting made me feel upset. I've told him and he said he couldn't control himself but that he would try. When he ask for a more naked pose and i said no, he will say since I gave him so many pics before I can also give him this, and I just need time to get used to the idea. How do I stop this sexting
and how to get him to respect my wish? I don't want to lose him since he's the best boyfriend anyone could have except for just this issue. Please help on how to tell
him without breaking up. Thanks.

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Sexting Is Great but make sure that the person you’re sexting is aware of what you are and aren’t comfortable with. This goes for how much you’re willing to show in pictures, what you’re ok with as far as “dirty” talk goes, ect.  Knowing each others boundaries before hand will help lessen the potential for you or your partner to unintentionally cross the line as well as the potential for someone to try and coerce the other into doing something they don’t want to do.
Which brings us to…If the other person is trying to convince you to do something you’re not comfortable with, and keeps pushing you to do so, DON’T do it. They might stop sexting you, call you names, guilt trip you, ect., but if they truly respect you, they should be ok with you not showing or participating in something. If it’s persistent, turn off your phone for a while and move on to something else; you don’t deserve to be forced into anything. If this is with someone you just met, or don’t know very well, avoid photos with your ace in them, or backgrounds that can be associated with you. Even if you establish that you don’t want these photos sent around, people who are not close to you may not respect your wishes, and the easier it is to not be able to identify you, the
harder it will be for that person to prove it’s you, should they get out. Though sexting is perfectly normal, other people viewing personal material of your body is not always a comfortable experience, especially if you’re getting shamed for it. That being said, if a person tells you they don’t want their photos/messages distributed, then you should respect their wishes. People like to talk about their sexual xperiences with their friends (I’m one of them) but if someone doesn’t want personal details about themselves shared with others, it is YOUR job to ensure that their wishes are met. Even if someone does not SAY they don’t want
the sexted materials shown to other people, do not assume that this is permission. Asking is ALWAYS a good idea. Always be 100% sure that this is something you want to do. Enthusiasm is key to enjoyment and getting pleasure out of sexting. Know that what you’re doing is perfectly normal and healthy. If you begin to doubt, or have guilty feelings, sit down with yourself and figure out where these feelings are coming from. If you’re in an environment where your personal belongings, especially your phone or computer (whichever you’re using) it is always a good idea to either delete messages/photos when you’re finished
or put them in a file only you can access. HAVE FUN! Sexting can bring about a whole new world of sexual exploration for you. If can help to find out
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